Guide to Purchasing AgentLayer Premium Governance Node (APGN)

6 min readJun 3, 2024



Wallet Preparation:

  • Ensure you have a wallet that supports the AgentLayer network, such as OKX or WalletConnect.
  • If the wallet hasn’t added the AgentLayer chain yet, please complete the addition according to the system prompts.

Fund Preparation:

  • Prepare sufficient funds based on the current price of APGN and your purchase plan.
  • Please note that the price of APGN will dynamically adjust as the sales volume increases.

Visit the Official AgentLayer Website:

Purchase Process

Connect Wallet: On the AgentLayer official website, find the “Buy APGN” or similar option and follow the prompts to connect your wallet.

Enter Referral Code (if available): If you have a valid referral code, please enter it during the purchase process.

Select Node Quantity, Purchase Information, and Complete Payment:

  • Choose the number of APGN nodes you wish to purchase based on your needs and budget. Please note that the supply of APGN is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Before submitting your purchase, carefully check the purchase information, including the number of nodes, price, etc.
  • Complete the payment process according to the website’s instructions. Ensure you have enough funds in your wallet for payment.

Waiting for Confirmation:

  • After completing the payment, wait for transaction confirmation.
  • Once the transaction is confirmed, you will become a holder of AgentLayer Premium Governance Node.

Enjoy APGN Benefits:
Daily Reward Collection: As an APGN holder, you will enjoy daily $AGENT token mining rewards, privileged governance rights, and priority access to AI project presales and IAOs.


  1. What is AgentLayer Premium Governance Node (APGN)?
    APGN is a premium network participation node in the AgentLayer ecosystem. Holders will obtain enhanced governance rights, income sources, and exclusive service access.
  2. What are the main functions of APGN?
    APGN is a core component of the AgentLayer decentralized AI network, ensuring network security and promoting democratic governance. APGN holders can enjoy daily $AGENT token mining rewards, participate in exclusive protocol functions, and gain priority access to AI project presales and IAOs.
  3. How to purchase APGN?
    Visit the AgentLayer official website (, use a supported wallet (such as OKX or WalletConnect) to connect to the designated blockchain network, enter a valid referral code (if any), select the number of nodes to purchase, and complete the payment process.
  4. Is there a referral program?
    Yes, referrers can receive 10%-15% of USDT based on the total purchase amount of referred APGN. The reward varies based on the successful referral of APGN quantity. The reward is automatically processed at 00:00 UTC every day for claimed cashback, and return USDT to the Arbitrum chain.
  5. How does APGN generate returns?
    APGN holders receive daily $AGENT token rewards with a structured release plan over four years. Participation in presales and Initial AI Offerings (IAOs) adds additional income channels.
  6. How does the price of APGN change?
    The price of APGN is dynamically adjusted based on the number of nodes sold. The initial price is $800, and this price is maintained for the first 3,000 nodes. After that, the price will increase by $5 for every 100 nodes sold, until the supply cap is reached.
  7. Is the supply of APGN limited?
    Yes, the supply of APGN is limited to a total of 20,000 nodes.
  8. Do I need special equipment or a server to run APGN after purchasing?
    No. Currently, APGN is a virtual unit that does not require any hardware or server to operate.
  9. Can I transfer APGN to another wallet after purchasing?
    No. Once purchased, APGN cannot be reassociated with another wallet.
  10. How are daily mining rewards calculated?
    Daily mining rewards are determined based on the size of the daily reward pool and the total number of sold nodes. The initial reward pool consists of 200,000 $AGENT tokens per day. Rewards are distributed at 00:00 UTC daily.
  11. Supported blockchains?
    Abitrum, Optimum, BSC, ETH Mainnet.
  12. How can I seek help if I encounter problems during the purchase process?
    If you encounter any issues during the purchase process, you can contact AgentLayer’s official customer service for more information.
  13. Release Strategy?
    - Initial Release: 200,000 $AGENT tokens will be released as daily rewards for the first year from the purchase date for early investors.
    - Total Release: A total of 155.13 million $AGENT tokens will be gradually released over four years.
    - Release Schedule: APGN node tokens will be released according to the following schedule (total of 4 years):
    1) In the first year, 200,000 tokens will be released daily, distributed evenly among participating nodes, totaling 20*365=73 million tokens.
    2) For the next 18 months, 100,000 tokens will be released daily, distributed evenly among participating nodes, totaling 10*365*1.5=54.75 million tokens.
    3) For the following 18 months, 50,000 tokens will be released daily, distributed evenly among participating nodes, totaling 5*365*1.5=27.375 million tokens.
    The total release amount is 73+54.75+27.375=155.125 million tokens, accounting for 15.5125% of the overall token supply.
  14. Are there any lock-up periods for the tokens associated with APGN nodes?
    No, there are no lock-up periods for the tokens associated with APGN nodes.
  15. How long do I need to wait after purchasing an APGN node before I can see it in my dashboard?
    You will need to wait for 60 seconds after purchasing an APGN node before it appears in your dashboard.
  16. Which chain will the referral rewards be returned?
    The referral rewards will only be returned to the ARB chain.
  17. What should I do if I experienced a failed transaction while purchasing an APGN node before 00:00 UTC on June 4th?
    If you were affected by a failed transaction, we are offering compensation of 118 $AGENT tokens. To claim this compensation, please fill out the form available at AgentLayer APGN Issue Report ( Our team will verify the transaction details and ensure that you receive the appropriate reward.

About AgentLayer
AgentLayer is an innovative decentralized artificial intelligence L2 blockchain network specifically designed for the collaboration and coordination of autonomous AI Agents. It utilizes generative AI technology driven by Large Language Models (LLMs), enabling AI Agents to make autonomous decisions and complete tasks, reducing reliance on human intervention. Through its advanced technology stack, including AgentChain (a decentralized, secure, and efficient blockchain network), AgentOS (an operating system designed for AI application development), AgentLink (Multi-Agent underlying communication protocol), and AgentFi (decentralized financial services), AgentLayer has built a complete decentralized AI ecosystem. This ecosystem not only provides powerful technical support and a development environment for AI developers but also offers users a rich variety of financial products and service options. AgentLayer’s vision is to drive innovation and development across various industries and professions through Multi-Agent collaboration.

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